Translation of websites using WPML

Your website is a shop window onto your expertise, and a primary image of your company across the world. A number of intertwined skills, both linguistic and technical, are required to proved a translation of the highest quality.

  • Determine the solutions or products you wish to prioritise to help you choose the pages to be translated and thus optimise your budget ;
  • Determine the target markets or customers ;
  • Determine the most commonly used language(s) across these markets ;
  • Opting for a multilingual site when creating it via your chosen CMS, or installing plug-ins, for example, Polylang Polylangor  WPML.

For websites developed using WordPress, we would recommend the use of the WPML plug-in, which facilitates the creation of multilingual sites.

Once installed within your site, we can automatically retrieve those pages to be translated, complete the translation work, then reintegrate them straight back into your website. You can therefore make the most our own professional tools (which analyse repetitions and provide an advanced checking system) for the rapid reintegration of translated pages. Before putting your translations back on-line, we can send you an MS Word file, to help you check the translated content and validate it for publication. This solution also helps automate the management of content and updates.

You have questions on the best strategy to be adopted? We can provide help with your approach to localisation work!

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