Remote interpretation

General Meetings, European Group Committees, Supervisory Boards, Conferences, International Meetings and Working Groups, Caupenne & Co. can meet all your remote interpretation needs

Due to COVID-19, numerous professional events have had to be delayed or even cancelled. In certain cases, remote interpretation can be a solution to holding your meeting at the initially planned date, meaning you avoid complex, time-wasting, reorganisation work.

Remote interpretation allows you to organise a meeting via your respective computers and/or telephones, whilst profiting from the live services of interpreters for the languages desired.

What tools are needed for the organisation of such a meeting?

  • A computer
  • • A telephone (facilitative, it is recommended that you work from your computers, to improve connectivity and speed)
  • • Audio and/or video equipment
  • • Audio and/or video equipment
  • • A reliable remote interpretation

Under what types of situation might one need remote interpretation?

  • • Your colleagues cannot travel due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • • You want simultaneous interpretation services into multiple languages just by pressing a button.
  • • The interpreters cannot travel, or the cost of travel is too high.

Does this service interest you? Caupenne & Co. can propose solutions adapted to your particular needs.

Therefore, if you have a meeting, think about contacting us, at the following address:, we will be more than happy to offer a range of remote solutions to permit you to avoid having to put-off your meeting.