Translations into the particularly sensitive field of nuclear engineering, our day-to-day challenge

Technical translation, particularly nuclear translations, require the skills of a highly-qualified team: a project manager aware of the diversity and complexity of the profession and activities of nuclear engineering, translators/proof-readers who understand the technical processes and who master the precise terminology required.

Specialising in the strategical sector of energy for more than 26 years now, Caupenne & Co., your translation agency based in Lyon, currently provides expertise to major players in the field, including Orano and Framatome (previously known as Areva), the IRSN – the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety), EDF, Siemens and Engie.

Each year, our team is responsible for the translation of hundreds of thousands of words from safety analyses reports, design reports, assembly manuals, operating manuals, maintenance & servicing manuals, permits for operations, impact studies and other training supports.

Notably we have completed the translation, from French to English, of a 300,000 word-long safety analysis report, approximately 1,000 standard pages, in the sub-domain of packaging, transport and storage of radioactive materials, all within a delay, imposed by Areva, of 40 working days.

Thanks to our computer-aided translation tools and a platform to share our translation memories in real-time, we could deploy three specialist translators, working both simultaneously whist remaining homogeneous, and also schedule the involvement of a proof-reader, assuring the verification of the whole project as it progressed.

Discover (or re-discover) our complete case study, available from the Caupenne & Co. website.

By participating in the rapid proliferation of projects of such a scale, Caupenne & Co. thus support numerous clients with their attempts to win new contracts and meet their targets, in the field of energy, the environment and nuclear engineering, as well as the fields of industry, logistics and transport, biotechnologies, communications & media, IT, etc.

In addition, faced with the current health crisis relating to COVID-19, our teams have been particularly involved in supporting scientific & medical research firms.

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