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Our history, our values, our team

Caupenne & Co. is the leading translation agency in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, its home base, and one of the top 10 in France. Our dynamism won us a place among the Top 500 Growth Champions in 2018, 2022 and 2023.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected by our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100 dual certification, and by an Ecovadis silver medal acknowledging our proactive approach to CSR.


We have emphasized the importance of strong values in the governance of our company since its creation.

It has always been our ambition to maintain faultless ethics, and we place respect for our legal obligations, fairness, transparency, staff well-being and our partnerships with both our clients and our suppliers at the heart of our policies, our strategy, our actions and our business management.

For us, for you and for future generations, our management and staff actively support a sustainable development approach relevant to our activities.


Our history

First acquisition and CSR approach
Marking our first-ever external growth operation, Caupenne & Co. has acquired TTP-Amplus. Caupenne & Co. has committed to a CSR approach in partnership with Ecovadis, obtaining a Silver Medal (reflecting a score in the Top 25% of rated companies).
Caupenne & Co. named a 2022 Growth Champion!

As in 2018, Caupenne & Co. featured among France’s 500 fastest-growing companies, boasting a compound annual organic of 14.31% since 2017 and nearly 50% in 2021.

+50% growth, ISO standards and environmental commitments

Caupenne & Co. reported record revenue growth in 2021, at more than 50% yoy, and for the second time earned a spot among France’s Top 500 Growth Champions.

In recognition of our constantly honed professionalism, Caupenne & Co. was awarded ISO 17100 certification (for translation services), consolidating our existing ISO 9001 certification.

Caupenne & Co. climate commitments include supporting Reforest’Action and planting 400 trees in the Ain department. Among the results: 60 tonnes of CO2 stored, 1,200 animal shelters built, 1,600 months of oxygen generated, and 400 hours of employment created.

A year marked by COVID: Remote interpreting, RDS implementation and new business

Implementing a remote desktop work process was a major milestone, enabling staff to work remotely in the same conditions as at the office, all in a totally secure environment that meets the full spectrum of cybersecurity requirements.

Leveraging our R&D department, Caupenne & Co. supported customers during the health emergency, providing remote interpreting solutions to help them continue their activities by remotely hosting conferences, shareholder meetings, board meetings, European committees, working group sessions and other statutory meetings.

Caupenne & Co. celebrates 25 years in business and €3 million in revenue!

The company, now with a permanent staff of 15, continued to consolidate its organizational framework, with a Production Manager, Sales team and Vendor division, supported by Communication, Quality and R&D departments.

The company maintained a strong growth trajectory, for the first time exceeding €3 million in revenue over the calendar year.

Revenue breaks the €2 million barrier for the first time

Caupenne & Co. was selected by the Echos newspaper to compete for a place among France’s Top 500 most dynamic companies, ultimately ranking 388th.

We continued to expand our offering, introducing a number of new services, including technical authoring, copy writing, meeting reports, transcreation and post-editing.

We invested in LBS, a business portal specially designed for managing translation projects. LBS includes dedicated customer and vendor workspaces, quality management features and granular KPIs for enhanced performance.

A string of commercial successes

Caupenne & Co. started the year strongly by winning the GRTGaz account.

We also invested in Across CAT software, in response to requests from some of our customers.

To support this growth, a sales manager and a project manager were hired, increasing our permanent staff to 12.

Caupenne & Co. moves up a gear

In late 2016, the rapidly expanding agency relocated to new offices equipped to accommodate the steadily expanding team, setting the stage for future growth.

ISO 9001 certification

In January 2015, we were awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification, crowning a year-long effort to improve processes companywide. We also scored a new commercial success, winning the Siemens France account.

Caupenne & Co. turns 20!

As early adopters of state-of-the-art industry technology, the company deployed a collaborative platform specially developed for the language services sector.

New bureau in Paris

Caupenne & Co. opened an office in Paris, conveniently close to the headquarters of our large corporate customers. The company continued to grow, securing new framework contracts.

Streamlined organization

A new milestone was reached with the arrival of Emeric de Caupenne as Finance Director, supporting the CEO.

Revenue hits €1 million

The company’s staff of 7 adopted a more structured organization, with project managers, translators, a DTP specialist and an Accounts department.

Strategic new framework contracts

After securing a number of strategic framework contracts, Caupenne & Co. celebrated its 10th anniversary as one of the region’s largest LSPs.

Creation of an IT department and recruitment of a DTP specialist

Advanced expertise with CAT software and complex electronic media gave our agency an edge over competitors.

Technological innovation

Caupenne & Co. embraced a major paradigm shift with the adoption of computer-aided translation (CAT) software, which was still in its infancy. As a result, AREVA and EDF chose the agency to translate all the documentation relating to the EPR reactor. This was the first multimillion-word project handled by the company!

Consolidating an expanding business

The company expanded its offering in many technical and scientific disciplines, as well as specialist fields such as legal, administrative and financial translation.


As a startup, we quickly won prestigious accounts in the energy and transport sectors, including multiple subsidiaries of the major conglomerate Compagnie Générale d’Électricité (CGE).

If anyone was ever destined to take an interest in translation, it was Leylak de Caupenne, who has lived all over Europe and the world since she was a child! Multicultural by nature, speaking four languages fluently, she naturally gravitated towards the world of translation and interpreting.

Having begun her career in the translation department of a multinational energy and transportation company, before playing an active part in creating a translation hub within a company specializing in language training, Leylak de Caupenne decided to stand on her own two feet and started her own business in 1994.

Our values


The wide range of activity sectors in which we operate leads us to find out all we can about our clients’ techniques. This is essential for managing your translations and interpreting assignments – knowing more about you saves time!

High standards

Demanding by nature, our activity requires the technical precision of a watchmaker, feather-like subtlety and a detailed knowledge of multiple areas of activity. Whatever the challenge to be met, Caupenne & Co. creates the right alchemy to deliver the best translation or interpreting service.


We are determined to meet the specific needs of each request on a case-by-case basis. Our specialist project managers call in the most suitable skilled suppliers and deploy the appropriate technological resources to ensure your project is a success – that's our personalized service!

Confidentiality and traceability

Caupenne & Co., your translation agency in Lyon, is committed to the strictest confidentiality in all projects. We conserve your digital data and can update it and edit it at any time. Your words are a valuable asset, and we protect them!

Caupenne & Co. has been working in highly sensitive areas for years, such as mergers/acquisitions and the civilian and military nuclear industries. That's why our procedures and our in-house IT system incorporate the most advanced technologies in terms of cybersecurity and business continuity planning: a remote office environment with secure access based on certificates and MFA (multi-factor authentication), workstations and servers encrypted with BitLocker technology, data transmission via secure portals, data hosted in secure data centers only accessible via a secure firewalled connection, and a geo-replicated backup solution. Everything is designed to maximize the security of your data. Your documents are a valuable asset, and we protect them!




Customer satisfaction



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Translating several million words every year, Caupenne & Co., your translation agency in Lyon and Paris, operates in all types of activity sectors: scientific, medical, administrative, legal, financial etc.

Our References & Partners – strong support

At Caupenne & Co., we believe there is a law of attraction in the business world – that similar energies attract each other. In accordance with this law, we have built up a network of expert partners, all with the highest standards of performance in fields that complement our own. We recommend them to our clients, and they may be able to help with the development of your projects.

A team with complementary

Project managers, key account managers, vendor manager, production manager, business development managers, translators/proofreaders/post-editors, and the administration and finance manager make up the Caupenne & Co. team. Come and meet them:

Leylak de Caupenne​
Fondatrice et Dirigeante // Founder and Managing Director
Emeric de Caupenne
Directeur administratif et financier // Admin. & Finance Manager
Caroline Lagrève
Responsable de production // Production Manager
Claire Pierry
Responsable Développement Commercial // Business Development Manager
Santosh Tamang
Responsable développement commercial (New Business)
Cindy Guri
Responsable Grands Comptes & Vendor Manager // Key Account Manager
Erwan Gay
Chargé de mission en Recherche et Développement // Research and Development Project Officer
Ambre Soubeyrand
Cheffe de projets // Project Manager
Loriane Verraz-Pinet
Cheffe de Projets senior // Senior Project Manager
Fanny Lutaud
Cheffe de projets // Project Manager
Vera Larina
Cheffe de projets // Project Manager
Julia Faivre
Cheffe de Projets // Project Manager
Orane Sallaberry
Cheffe de projets // Project Manager
Elodie Genin
Cheffe de projets // Project Manager
Claire Lachaux
Traductrice, post-éditrice, réviseuse Senior // Senior Translator, Post-editor, Reviser
Sandrine Languebien
Traductrice, post-éditrice, réviseuse // Translator, Post-editor, Reviser
Emma Maunier
Traductrice, post-éditrice, réviseuse // Translator, Post-editor, Reviser
Andrew Seaward
Traducteur, post-éditeur, réviseur // Translator, Post-editor, Reviser
Genny Bataba
Assistante Comptable


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