Supply chain

Supply chain translation – Oiling the wheels

Globalization is accelerating international exchanges in the transport and logistics sector, with financial implications measured in billions. Translations must be accurate, to allow smooth handling of billions of consumer goods, as well as the vast numbers of components needed by manufacturers.

We serve the logistics industry by translating all types of documents relating to the supply chain. Manufacturer need to design, produce, ship and assemble a vast array of parts. Many of these components are sourced from other countries and continents. It is therefore important to use the right technical vocabulary specific to each branch of activity (air, road, maritime, or rail).

Working exclusively with professionals translating into their native language, Caupenne & Co. can translate your requests for proposals, bills of materials, technical guides, manufacturer’s specifications, commissioning, operating and maintenance manuals, etc. We also support employee training, by translating e-learning materials, memos and videos, and deploying interpreters for your on-site technical training assignments.

At Caupenne & Co., we have the resources to translate all your supply chain-related documents in more than 100 language combinations, across a wide range of formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Photoshop and AutoCAD, among others.

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