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Information Technology is a broad term covering everything from software development to system design and data management. Mastering these technologies and the associated language is critical for many industries and businesses in a global context where the ability to exchange data securely is a prime concern. For example, data confidentiality and control over information flows are crucial in finance, healthcare and government institutions.

We have considerable experience in information technology and cybersecurity, and can count on our experts’ know-how as we support our many customers with their translation needs. With Caupenne & Co. your projects will be handled by specialist project managers and translated by native-speaker translators who are experts in new technologies and work exclusively into their mother tongue.

In our ever-changing world, we strive to continuously update our skills and knowledge relating to the latest innovations, and to ensure that your messages and data are communicated clearly and accurately.

As the translation industry is itself constantly changing, with frequent technological advances, Caupenne & Co. operates an R&D department, and we have fully integrated AI and neural network training into our workflows and engineering. In addition, our own information system is extremely secure, allowing us to comply with the security and confidentiality requirements of the large corporations with which we work on a daily basis. See also our sections on translation for other technical industries: finance, institutions, etc. and the solutions we have implemented to secure your data.

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