Engineering consultants

A scientific and technical field requiring multidisciplinary expertise

Engineering consultants play a crucial role in designing, engineering and organizing businesses and institutions. Their technical and scientific expertise covers a wide range of specialisms, including mechanical and performance engineering, civil and electrical engineering, military and defense engineering, city planning and mobility solutions, as well as environmental services.

Translating content produced by engineering consultants requires specific expertise and rigorous compliance with applicable standards.

Caupenne & Co. supports numerous engineering consultants, translating documents and providing interpreting services for technical training sessions, audits, or supervisory committee meetings. Our specialist project managers marshal the know-how of our expert translators, technicians and engineers to ensure that translated standards, patents, drawings, parts lists and requests for proposals are faithful representations of your source documents and use the field’s standard technical terminology.

At Caupenne & Co., we have the resources to translate documents of all kinds in more than 100 language combinations, across a wide range of formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Photoshop and AutoCAD, among others.

See also our sections on translation for other technical industries: aviation, energy and environmental services

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