Energy & environmental services

Translation for the energy and environmental services sector

Caupenne & Co. is a translation agency specializing in the energy and environmental services field. A number of leading energy industry players are longstanding customers, including ENGIE, FRAMATOME, GENERAL ELECTRIC, GRDF, ORANO, SIEMENS and SUEZ.

Trust our specialists to accurately translate your operating and maintenance manuals, instruction handbooks, technical drawings, safety analysis reports, product catalogs, calculation notes, technical reports, data sheets and training materials.

Caupenne & Co. hand-picks specialist translators who have trained in a technical or engineering discipline and are proficient with the terminology specific to the energy and environmental services sector. Harness the expertise of our highly experienced translators for your translation projects relating to power generation (including nuclear, hydro and solar power), power transmission and distribution (high-, intermediate and low-voltage) and renewable energy (hydro, solar and wind power). At Caupenne & Co., we have the resources to translate all your energy and environmental services-related documents in more than 100 language combinations, in a wide range of formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Photoshop and AutoCAD, among others.

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