CAT tools: advanced technology for fast, high-quality content


Caupenne & Co. uses industry-standard technology tools, high-performance CAT software and memory sharing platforms to offer its clients optimized services in terms of both cost and deadlines. These technologies increase productivity and reduce costs by automating certain processes, since every segment already translated is stored in a translation memory specific to you. These segments can be revised and approved without being retranslated. These technologies also ensure perfect document uniformity as the translation memories are enriched with every project you entrust to us, capitalizing on your expertise and perpetuating your terminology.

What is CAT?

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) is a software tool for translation professionals that converts your documents into a series of source and target segments in a database dedicated to you. A long way from machine translation, this is a tool that enables our translators to ensure consistency with your databases and technical terminology.

Tools used: SDL Trados, Trados GroupShare, Across.

CAT: the benefits for clients!

• The advantage of accurate evaluation of how much translation needs to be done: when we receive the documents to be translated, the tool identifies segments that are identical or have already been translated. The project manager thus knows in advance which parts need to be translated, and which just need proofreading. The cost and delivery deadline are established based on this information.

• The advantage of fixed costs and shortened timescales due to the translation memories enriched with all the work you have entrusted to us: the process leverages your knowledge and your terminology is kept consistent.

• These technologies provide the benefit of overall standardization of your documentation. All your projects are structured and enriched over time in accordance with your specific requirements.

Whenever you request a quote, your documents will be analyzed with great accuracy.
A transparent quote is prepared from this analysis, with an optimized deadline and price, as repeated segments will be charged on a decreasing scale compared with new segments. Contact us to find out more.

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