Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Do you want to outsource your meeting minutes, report writing or note-taking assignments? Your translation agency Caupenne & Co. can provide professional writers to deliver ready-to-use documents.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer several services, which can be combined with recording if necessary.

Complete minutes

This transcription is a faithful, word-for-word record of everything that is said during your meeting. This service is recommended when the authenticity of the speech is essential.

Optimized minutes

This transcription reports the full content of the meeting, but improves style, corrects errors of grammar and syntax and removes hesitation and repetition.

Detailed summary

This report summarizes each contribution and concentrates on the useful, important details. It highlights the broad themes of the meeting and the key elements discussed.

Concise summary

This document reports only the key messages of your meeting. The information is selected, reformulated and put in order to represent the central aspects of the debate.


Since 2005, French law has required all public events to be accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people. Efforts have been put in place for televised events – sign language and subtitles are provided live in real time.

But are we really talking about subtitles? In the case of live events, what we mean is velotype. This is a method transcribing in real time what a speaker says while limiting the risk of errors.

How does it work?

Instead of typing letter by letter, the keyboard, which works on the same principle as a piano, allows the operator to press several keys at once, composing chords that correspond to syllables. Built-in software converts these chords into words. The text appears word by word and can be read instantly.

This technique should not be confused with stenotype, which is used to transcribe live press conferences, like at certain sports events. Stenotype involves typing phonetically what is said, on location, and can be combined with voice recognition. The text is then read and corrected by a professional who produces a report or an article with a delay.

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