Future Growth Project – TCO – Tengizchevroil

Over four years, your technical translation agency Caupenne & Co. translated technical documentation in the field of oil and gas into Russian and Kazakh.

From 2017 to 2021, Caupenne & Co. was a regular, sustained contributor to the Future Growth Project – Wellhead Pressure Management Project, the largest industrial project in the world at the time. Conducted by the Kazakh government and an oil consortium led by Chevron on behalf of Tengizchevroil (TCO, the operator of the Tengiz Field and Korolev Field sites, half-owned by Chevron), the project involved increasing production from the giant Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan, covering infrastructure, wells and the operation itself.


To support the multiple industrial clients involved in the installation, testing and commissioning of high/medium/low-voltage electricity substations, Caupenne & Co. carried out the English-Russian and English-Kazakh technical translation of diagrams, plans, parts lists and manuals in the oil and gas field, and more specifically energy, electricity, metallurgy, lighting, security, fire/gas detection systems, construction, assembly etc.

A tailored team

We set up a dedicated team specifically trained for the project, and we respected the very specific instructions for the documents imposed by the end client. We also automated the technical glossary supplied, containing over 10,000 terms, and converted nearly 4,000 required translations for document titles into a translation memory.

A constantly evolving project

Overall, we translated two million words and carried out over 1,500 hours of page layout on AutoCAD plans.

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