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Simultaneous interpreting by your translation agency in Lyon

When organizing a press trip, our clients call on Caupenne & Co., the translation and interpreting agency in Lyon and Paris, to arrange simultaneous interpreting assignments.







our mission

For these assignments, we deploy our teams of professional conference interpreters throughout France and abroad. We also coordinate the supply and installation of appropriate sound equipment – booths, headsets, microphones etc.

Resources put in place

An example for one of our clients was a press trip to Germany. The trip took place over two days in Hamburg and Berlin. Our client needed Spanish and Russian interpreters to accompany journalists on visits to industrial sites, product presentations, press conferences and the InnoTrans trade fair.

We put together a team of two interpreters for each language combination, English–Spanish and English–Russian. Our interpreters first traveled to Hamburg by air to facilitate communication between the journalists and the managers of the industrial sites. They then followed the journalists to Berlin by train to support them during their visit to the InnoTrans trade fair, before returning to France by air.


Our client needed 50 headsets and 10 HF microphones, which we had shipped by road to Hamburg and collected from Berlin. To transfer the equipment between the two cities, we optimized the container for travel so that the headsets and microphones could be stored in a cabin bag and the client could easily transport them from one point to the other.

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