Remote interpreting


Caupenne & Co., the translation agency based in Lyon and Paris, has been keeping a close watch on all the technology trends and solutions in the industry for the last 28 years. This enables us to offer solutions for our clients in record time.

In the past, our simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services (conferences, meetings, committees, annual general meetings) mostly involved sending our teams of interpreters to work face-to-face with our clients. Even though we offered the choice of trying remote interpreting solutions, clients were reluctant to take this step.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to deploy innovative technological solutions for remote interpreting very quickly, enabling our clients to keep meeting.

Which types of projects?

Developed several years ago but now increasingly widely used, remote interpreting technology enables you to organize a meeting via your respective computers and/or smartphones while benefiting from live interpreting in the languages you need.

Caupenne & Co. offers remote interpreting solutions for any number of languages while meeting the security and confidentiality standards businesses require.

Remote interpreting is a good solution for remote meetings, reducing the costs of organization, logistics, travel and accommodation.

What tools do you need to organize a remote meeting?

– A computer

– A phone (optional – we recommend working with computers for the best connections and speed)

– Audio and/or video equipment

– A (very) secure internet connection

– A reliable remote interpreting platform

When is remote interpreting a good solution?

– Your colleagues are unable to travel.

– You want the benefit of simultaneous interpreting in several languages at the push of a button.

– The interpreters are unable to travel, or the travel costs would be too high.

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