Remote interpreting in five languages

Renewed solutions

Caupenne & Co., the translation agency based in Lyon and Paris, has been keeping a close watch on all the technological trends and solutions in the industry for nearly 30 years. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this enabled us to offer solutions for our clients in record time.

In the past, our simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services (conferences, meetings, committees) mostly involved sending our teams of interpreters to work face-to-face with our clients. Even though we offered the choice of trying remote interpreting solutions, clients were reluctant to take this step.

Consequently, in response to the unique situation we are now seeing, we were able to deploy innovative technological solutions for remote interpreting very quickly, enabling our clients to keep meeting.

Here is an example of one of the remote interpreting assignments we carried out recently.


We deployed eight interpreters working in Italian, Spanish, English and Dutch to meet the needs of one of our French clients. The meetings took place over two days, with two sessions of three hours each day. In all, nearly 30 participants in about ten different countries were able to take part.









Resources put in place

By connecting our multilingual platform to our client’s application on different language channels, we enabled the participants to follow the meeting in their native languages. Two technicians provided technical support throughout the meetings, managing the translation channels on the interpreters’ side, and providing tailored assistance on the client’s side (identifying connection or audio problems, configuring peripherals etc.). In advance of the meetings, the assignment required the technical and project management teams to come together to train the interpreters in using the client’s chosen platform, but also to train each participant on the client side.

The operation

These training sessions, lasting one or two hours, are vital to ensure each meeting runs smoothly.

Result: fully satisfied clients and flexible, agile interpreters who have successfully adapted to the shifts in their role.

The future of our solutions

Clients can now choose between face-to-face and remote solutions for their meetings and conferences, if working remotely can add real value in terms of logistical organization. Rather than having to move, accommodate and look after several dozen or even several hundred people for a conference lasting a few hours, remote interpreting can offer real savings of time and money.

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