French-English technical translation for Areva

Technical translation by your translation agency in Lyon

French-English translation of a 300,000-word safety report (1,000 standard pages) on the packaging, transportation and storage of radioactive materials, including proofreading against the source document by a second translator.






working days


Our client had a very tight deadline for the delivery of the documents – the translation had to be completed within 40 working days.

The service

Carried out using traditional methods, without the use of CAT tools, would require 120 days’ work for a translator and 30 days of proofreading for a second translator, totaling 150 days’ work.

Thanks to the optimization we were able to achieve through the expert use of translation tools and technologies, we completed the assignment in 40 working days, as required by the client. In addition, the service cost the client 15% less than a translation produced without the help of CAT tools.

Our analysis of the 39 files using CAT tools initially enabled us to identify a repetition rate between files of 15%.

Three translators working simultaneously

After that, we deployed three translators working simultaneously on the same translation memory, using translation memory sharing software to share the sentences translated by each translator in real time. This ensured perfect consistency between the different translators.

Proofreading by the second translator was scheduled as the files were delivered by the three translators.

The project was thus completed by your translation agency in Lyon within 40 working days instead of 120, with perfectly consistent terminology thanks to the use of CAT tools and total quality control. Stylistic coherence and accuracy were assured while reducing the cost of the service by 15%.

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